As a pioneer manufacturer in developing new eco-friendly technology, Airwoods (former name: Meson ) Global Limited invented SUNFOOT(STERYDRY) shoes dryer & sterilizer that focus on people's feet health and shoes care. We are the combination of inventor, seller and distributor for these new shoes care product!


Sunfoot is born to care our feet health and that will give us a lifetime benefit. The Sunfoot Shoes Dryer is a very unique piece of the Sunfoot family. It efficiently kills the bacteria and fungi causing the feet odor and itches, or athlete foot, and drys the shoes inside out. By recovering you a pair of dry and clean shoes, Sunfoot Shoes Dryer helps to enhance your feet health and overall well-being. 


Sunfoot works by two steps to solve these two problems, the first step Sunfoot makes Ozone to kill bacteria and fungi within five minutes; the second step Sunfoot circulates warm air to remove perspiration inside of shoes within 20 minutes.  


Sunfoot has following features:

Auto start and stop with manual operation

Function is settable

Digital displays working status

Thermal protection

Detachable holders for different objects like shoes, boots, gloves and helmets etc.



The benefits you can get from Sunfoot:

You got fresh and dry shoes within half an hour.

You do not need to do anything except put shoes on Sunfoot, it works totally automatically.

You can use it in your wardrobe to remove moisture and mould

You can use it to dry gloves, helmets, hats, socks


Sunfoot, Foot Care Master.