Drying Your Shoes and Boots in The Right Way

Date: 2019-04-19    Author: Sunfoot

You may have loved boots or shoes in your shoe cabinet, but unless you’re drying them the right way, they could be hotbeds for bacteria, moisture and that funky “wet socks” smell. 

One of the most uncomfortable feelings is to be walking around in wet boots or shoes all day. Some people need to wear their boots or shoes for longer hours, and if they are wet, it can end up in blisters and sore feet. What more embarrassing is that the feet become athlete's foot.

If you are thinking dry the shoes or boots to solve the problem, please avoid some bad practices. The most common complaint received by retailers from the buyers is the outside of their leather boots falling apart.While many retailers blame it on a manufacturing defect, more often than not the outside of leather boots get worn off due to poor maintenance of the boots on the part of the consumer.

Here is a couple of mistakes that you should avoid:

Avoid drying your boots with direct heat such as heaters, woodstoves, blow dryers or even camp fires. While these are excellent sources of heat, it is going to be harsh to the outside of your boots. The excess heat from these sources can also affect the glue that holds the various layers of the outer sole together. The least you can go with the campfire but don't place your pair directly on it.

If there is mud or dirt on the boots, it may put a permanent stain on the surface after drying. It gets baked into the leather texture. You need to wash your shoes clean to start the drying process. Follow some precautions:

Make sure your shoes are clean before you start drying them. If they are muddy or dirty, give them a clean wash till all the dirt is taken off. You can also use some detergent to clean your boots to ensure all the dirt is taken off. Once you wash them, tap them dry with an old towel.

If you haven't already taken off the laces, make sure you do that before you toss your boots into the drying tips.

If you're wondering how to dry wet work boots fast, SUNFOOT shoes boot dryer and sterilzer can help you efficiently and make your pair very comfortable to wear. Sunfoot shoes boots dryers and sterilizer not only dry the wet shoes or boots quickly but also sterilize the batteria at the same time, to make sure you wear with healthy and comfort.

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