SUNFOOT Supported China Golf Amateur Open

Date: 2019-06-24    Author: Sunfoot

SUNFOOT sponsored China Golf Amateur Open Beijing Station successfully held

On May 26th, the 2019 China Golf Amateur Open Beijing was successfully held at Beijing Hongjun Golf Club. The men's team, 16-year-old Chen Peicheng shot 69, and won the championship with three rounds of 215 and four strokes. In the women's team, 18-year-old Zheng Yini shot 71 and won the championship with three rounds of 216 and six. The event received the attention and support of the major authoritative media. The two rounds of the event were broadcast live by CCTV5+ and CCTV Golf and Tennis Channels. 

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As a partner of this event, SUNFOOT debuted at Beijing Station, bringing a new healthy experience of “dry shoes and shoes comfortable” to the contestants and their families. SUNFOOT advocates a lifestyle that loves sports, and also calls for personal care after exercise. SUNFOOT smart  shoe dryer is a professional product that pays attention to sports shoes after cleaning: 5 minutes sterilization and deodorization, 20 minutes quick drying, 25 minutes of dry and comfortable shoes, eliminating wet shoes and stinky shoes for personal life and sports belt The interference to go. Once the SUNFOOT products were displayed, they received the attention and praise of the players on the spot.

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In the future, SUNFOOT will continue to support and promote the development of China's golf, and will continue to strive for excellence and strive to present a product that is intimate and useful, so that more sports enthusiasts and families can benefit from SUNFOOT's products and concepts.

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