SUNFOOT Hand in China Golf Amateur Open - Shanghai Station

Date: 2019-07-01    Author: Sunfoot

On June 28, 2019, the China Golf Amateur Open--Shanghai Station stood at the end of the Shanghai Agile Mickelson International Club Championship. In the end, in the men's group, the 16-year-old teenager from Dubai, Xu Ziang, scored 68 in the final round and won the championship with a total score of 209 (67-74-68, -7). In the women's group, the 17-year-old Yunnan girl Yin Ruoning won the championship. The total score is 200 (66-66-68, -16).

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Men's Team Champion: Xu Ziang

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Mr. Xu Deli, Consultant of China Golf Association and former Chairman of Guangdong Golf Association, presented the award to the men's champion Xu Zi'ang

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Women's Team Champion: Yin Ruoning

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Mr. Feng Xiong, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Guangdong Golf Association and Director of Guangdong Golf Center, presented the award to the female champion Yin Ruoning

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Mr. Dai Qingjia, General Manager of Shanghai Agile Mickelson Club, presented awards to the men and women runner-ups Wu Yinxuan and Zhu Wenyu

SUNFOOT teamed up with the China Golf Amateur Open to present prizes to the runner-up of the competition. SUNFOOT shoes dryer also brought a new healthy experience of “shoes and foot care” to the contestants and their families. SUNFOOT advocates a lifestyle that loves sports, and also calls for personal care after exercise. 

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SUNFOOTshoe dryer as a third prize

SUNFOOT will continue to support and promote the development of China's golf, and will continue to strive for excellence in quality and strive to present a product that is intimate and useful, so that more sports enthusiasts and families can benefit from SUNFOOT's products and concepts.

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Join SUNFOOT to witness the new power of China's golf future!

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