SUNFOOT & China Golf Amateur Open_Liaoning Station

Date: 2019-07-26    Author: Sunfoot

On July 25th, the China Golf Amateur Open·Liaoning Station was successfully completed in Shenyang Century Golf Club. After three days of fierce competition, two new champions were born in the year. Beijing boy Zhao Haojun won the men's championship with a total score of 212 (74-69-69); Yiteng and Ren Yufan were ranked two or three.The champion of the women's team was taken away by the Korean girl Li Shuzhen. Her total score was 209 (69-67-73) and she led all the way in the three-day competition. The runner-up and runner-up of the women's team were won by Pan Jiehong and Chen Manhua respectively. 
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Wang Chaofeng, Vice Chairman of Guangdong Golf Association, Liu Ming, Chairman of Shenyang Golf Association, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Shenyang Golf Association, Xiong Ying, Chairman of Shenyang Century Golf Club, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Beijing Golf Association Yue, Deputy Secretary-General of the Guangdong Provincial Golf Association and Minister of Competitive Sports Jia Xiaofeng attended the awarding ceremony after the competition, and awarded the winners medals, certificates and prizes.
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