SUNFOOT Dryer and Sterilizer Keep Your Sports' Wear Sanitary

Date: 2020-08-25 Writer: Sunfoot Views:

While playing sports and breaking a super sweat, we can enjoy the happiness brought by sports. However, it's really a bad experience with wet and smelly shoes, boot, gloves or helmets after sports .
Dispelling smells, bacteria, and mildew is made simple with Sunfoot sports dryer and sterilizer!  Sunfoot multi-functional dryer and sterilizer is designed with changable holders so that users can eaily handle different items with single Sunfoot.
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Keep Your Belongings Fresh and Clean
As a sport lovers or anthletic, you may have a pair of favorite or expensive shoes, gloves or other belongings. Everytime you wear them to enjoy sports. However, after sports, they will become wet and smelly. It's hard to dry and clean them if you don't have a suitable dryer.
Sunfoot dryers emit a perfect temperature that airs out equipment without beginning the breakdown process of the material. High heat damages gear like boots, shoes, gloves, and much more. Sunfoot Dryers can easily set the drying time (0~99 minutes) and drying temperature(ranges from 40 to 70 degree Celsius). You will increase the longevity of your belongs and get the best clean possible with suitable setting.

Get a Better Clean with Sterilization Function
Sunfoot is built in with an ozone generator working for sterilization. The test report shows that 99% percent of bacteria microbes are reduced with the use of SUNFOOT Shoe Dryer and Sterilizer.Bacteria are eliminated with our quick-drying process and the moist environment that breeds fungus, like athlete's foot, disappears.

SUNFOOT sports dryers with changable holders can be used for a wide range of sports shoes, boots, gloves, helmets, etc.

Save Money
Purchasing a SUNFOOT Dryers sports dryer will not only maintain the quality and hygiene of your belongings but will also bring your electric bill down and reduce the amount of energy you use on a daily basis. SUNFOOT dryers will allow you to save money on running your equipment through the washing machine and provide a better clean than using electricity and water.

Experience the unmatched benefits of a Sunfoot Dryers and Sterilizers and contact us to learn more about our products!