Australians go wild for shoe dryer that leaves sneakers and boots sterilised, dry and odour-free in minutes

Date: 2021-05-01 Writer: Sunfoot Views:

Australian shoppers are going wild for a shoe dryer that leaves sneakers and boots odour-free in minutes.

The shoe dryer device can dry one pair of shoes at a time, leaving them sterilised and ready to wear in minutes.

The device has been a godsend for Australians who have been battling wet weather for most of summer and are sick of wearing damp shoes.

The shoe rack's drying temperature can be set from 40C to 70C and a timer can be set so the shoes can be dried safely.

The Sunfoot shoe dryer has two long drying ports which are made to sit inside the shoes. Besides, there're one pair of flat drying ports for helmets, small items, etc.

The heat and ozone kills fungi, which could lead to athlete's foot, and also stops mould, mildew and bacteria from growing.

The contraption has been selling well since the recent week of wet weather. Actually, the shoe dryer is not only popular in wet weather, but also for sporters and workers who are easy to sweat. The protential market is very huge. If you have interest in resell this product, just send us email by

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