SUNFOOT Exhibited at Beijing International Motorcycle Show

Date: 2021-05-31 Writer: Sunfoot Views:

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On May 28th, the 2021 Beijing International Motorcycle Show opened at the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi New Hall). This exhibition attracted 256 brand companies from home and abroad to participate, and the scale of indoor and outdoor exhibitions exceeded 70,000 square meters. The visitors attending the opening ceremony included leaders from related business associations in the motorcycle industry, representatives of well-known domestic and foreign companies, and media representatives. SUNFOOT Technology exhibited a series of helmet dryer, glove dryer, shoe dyrer and boot dryer at B41 of Hall W1, actively conveying the concept of sports and health.

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The Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition with the theme of "Meeting·Circle" is positioned to create a professional, international and high-end communication platform for the motorcycle industry. The exhibition focuses on displaying domestic and foreign motorcycles, parts, equipment, motorcycle sports, motorcycle lifestyle and other related products. This builds a bridge of trade and communication between the upstream and downstream industries of motorcycles, and between the industry and consumers, so as to achieve "breaking the circle" and "expanding the circle" of the industry.

At the exhibition, well-known car companies are all presenting the latest models that are synchronized with the global market, including European car companies represented by BMW, Ducati, British Triumph and Piaggio, Japanese car companies represented by Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki, and American car companies represented by Polaris, Indian and Harley-Davidson. A number of Chinese debut models were also unveiled at the exhibition.

At the exhibition site, motorcycle equipment companies also attracted a large number of visitors with their newly developed helmets, cycling clothes and various safety cycling equipment products. In addition to innovations in product feature design, the technological content of equipment products has also been gradually improved to provide safety guarantees for motorcycle drivers and passengers.


In this exhibition, SUNFOOT Technology exhibited the SF-100 multifunctional intelligent upgrade model and the SF100B multifunctional economical model. Each of these two dryers is equipped with three cleaning brackets, which are especially suitable for daily care of motorcycle helmets, rider boots, etc., keep them dry and clean, and enhance the wearing experience. The SUNFOOT smart dryer can efficiently sterilize, quickly deodorize and dry, and can deeply clean the wearable equipment and purify the wearable environment. It utilizes ozone's high-efficiency sterilization and deodorization characteristics, and uses the corona discharge method to generate a steady stream of ozone to sterilize and deodorize cleansing materials. Active O3 oxidizing and decomposing bacteria inhibits the regeneration of bacteria. It only takes 15 minutes to eliminate 99.99% of the bacteria and fungi inside the cleaned object. The drying time can be selected according to the different materials and humidity of the wearable objects to be processed. The temperature rises quickly and the streamlined design of the air duct penetrates the inside of the wearable, which makes the sterilization and drying faster and more thorough.

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The various motorcycle parts and components aimed at improving vehicle performance and safety have fully demonstrated the highest level of technological development in the motorcycle industry at home and abroad and the latest research and development results.