You Get What You Pay For!

“Their shoe dryer are same as yours but they are 30% cheaper!"

I received tons of such Comments almost everyday from my prospective clients, for the fear of falling victim to our "lucrative Business".

It's a common story in almost every industry, where the Copycats are disguised as the "economical Originals" and lure consumers into their clever advertising.

"30% cheaper for the same quality."

Very Eye-catching indeed.

Though a wise buyer shall put a question mark on it as there must be trade-offs when the Copycats compromise on the cost:

By making the PCB in poor connection and without real sterilizing function.

By replacing plastic with repeated ABS;

By neglecting the safety guarantee on heaters and fans


Yes, They "look" like the same.

But Devils are in the details:

You will find it is just a "decoration" without warm air out to heat the shoes in winter;

You didn't expect to see the dryer fail to run after working short time;

You didn't expect to enjoy the so-called sterilizing function to remove bad smell and kill fungus bcz there is ozone generator is too wake to work;

You didn't expect to suffer from a terrible fire due to without safety protection.

You should have cared more about your brand imagine, starting from the dryer you investment.

Good investors think in decades.


Not quarters.